Dear John is a dating advice column written by comedians.

John Powers has been doing standup comedy and writing for over a decade and this column features his advice on love, sex and relationships, as well as guest posts from other comedian writers.

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John Powers grew up on Long Island, NY. He attended a small liberal arts college in the Northeast, and fell in love with the thrill of live performance art. His quick wit and twisted view of the world lend his comedy to exaggerated, abstract yet obvious truths. He has been designing graphics for TV for over 10 years. His skills in AE & Photoshop add to his creative projects. John played the lead roles in the short film Tuesday, and wrote, directed and edited Emo Joe. He can be seen on IMDB, Youtube and Funny or Die. John Powers has performed at: Caroline’s, NY Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live, Stand-Up NY, Laugh Lounge, Gotham Comedy Club, EastVille, Orlando Improv, Broadway Comedy Club, Laugh Factory, Comix, and lots of bars & BBQ joints!


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